The Hypnotherapy Centre, Mold, Flintshire, CH7 6XS
The Hypnotherapy Centre, Mold, Flintshire, CH7 6XS

Welcome to The Hypnotherapy Centre in Mold, Flintshire

Bob Cresswell, CNHC Registered Hypnotherapist

providing a professional Clinical Hypnosis Therapy service in Mold, Flintshire.  We are near the A55 and convenient for Chester, Wrexham, Buckley, Denbigh and North Wales.


Hypnotherapy (Clinical Hypnosis Therapy) is effective for helping with issues such as weight loss for health, stop smoking, unwanted habits, anxiety, work-related stress, fears, panic attacks, phobias,exam nerves, performance anxiety, Dartitis and many, many more.

Therapy room hypnotherapy centre Warm, comfortable and homely

Hypnosis for Therapy

Our Therapy Room is a safe, homely and cosy environment in which you are able to relax in comfort and enjoy the theapeutic journey which is guided by your Hypnotherapist .

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind similar to day-dreaming 


Hypnosis is simply a natural state of mind and is an important part of everyday life. Whenever our mind wanders, daydreams or is focused on something, such as reading a book, driving a familiar route, watching a film we may drift into a state of mind (or consciousness)that we have come to call hypnosis.


Hypnosis is similar to drifting off to sleep at night, that stage when you are not quite awake and not quite asleep, you may feel a sense of weightlessness or you may feel heaviness as all your muscles relax. 


Having likened hypnosis to day-dreaming we could then say that hypnotherapy is, in one sense, constructive day-dreaming aimed at using imagination to re-visit and perhaps modify memory linked to unwanted habits or behaviours.


My Hypnotherapy clients are often surprised that they hear every word and could get up and walk out of the room at any moment should they choose to do so. Unless you enter a significantly deeper state, you may not feel any different, just very relaxed.


Everyone experiences hypnotherapy differently, and your therapist will be able to reassure you and help you relax and enjoy the experience. In fact most people are surprised at just how relaxing it is.

Here at The Hypnotherapy Centre our comittment to providing an excellent Clinical Hypnosis Therapy Practice and close attention to detail has enabled us to build a solid professional reputation with our hypnotherapy clients and with fellow Hypnotherapists and other professional therapists.

Our aim is to provide you with an individual therapy solution that meets your unique therapeutic needs. If you require assistance or are not sure if hypnotherapy is right for you, our CNHC Registered Hypnotherapist will provide you with confidential no-obligation expert guidance.


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