Hypnotherapy for dental phobia
Hypnotherapy for dental phobia

Hypnotherapy for medical and dental issues

What sort of Medical & Dental issues can Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis Therapy) help with?


Hypnotherapy can help with a very wide range of medical and dental conditions a small sample of which are listed below.

Essentially, any condition that is aggravated or made worse by stress or anxiety can be made better with the help of a Registered Hypnotherapist.

Before considering hypnotherapy as a way of managing a medical or dental condition you should first consult with your doctor or dentist to have your symptoms properly assessed.

Here is a list of some of the issues that we know can respond well to hypnotherapy. 

Hypnotherapy works for:



  • Bruxism (nocturnal teeth grinding)




  • Excessive gag reflex



  • Preparation for surgery



  • Pre-emptive nausea (chemotherapy & oncology)



  • Chronic pain management


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