Ayahuasca recovery with hypnosis hypnotherapy
Ayahuasca recovery with hypnosis hypnotherapy

Ayahuasca: recovering lost memories









Did your ayahuasca ceremony go well?

Did you discover what you were seeking? Or did you end up losing something?


It is fairly common for people to lose some memories after their ayahuasca ceremony. Maybe just losing some of the memory of the actual ceremony or perhaps losing a whole chunk of their life to date.


Hypnotherapists are begining to see a growing number of people who wish to make sense of this experience. Hypnotic regression with a CNHC Registered Hypnotherapist may help you to restore those memories to their proper place within your mind.

Did ayahuasca leave you feeling lost and vunerable?

The ceremony involves taking powerful psychotropic drugs which can allow some deeply repressed thoughts to emerge and make themselves known again.  For some this results in a cathartic experience that may feel like a 'cleansing'.


However, one should never forget that, for some, exposing dark repressed thoughts and memories can be a deeply traumatic experience. This may result in further repression as a 'defence mechanism' that also sweeps up some memories that don't need to be repressed.


This may lead to feelings of loss, anxiety, depression and a lasting sense of de-personalisation.

Hypnotic Regression may help you to recover and restore

Regression through guided hypnosis is a method that has been used by Hypnotherapists for recovery of lost memory long before ayahuasca became fashionable amongst Europeans. It is a hypnotic process that is tried and tested with a good success rate


For those suffering from more than just a few missing memories then Hypno-psychotherapy may be the answer for you.

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