Let go of your dartitis
Let go of your dartitis

You can beat that dartitis with hypnotherapy 











Hypnotherapy can help you let go of that dartitis and enjoy your darts game again.


Hypnotherapy for dartitis can be very effective in getting you back to being comfortable with your darts and enjoying your game.


Dart down to see me Bob Cresswell, CNHC Registered Hypnotherapist

Dartitis: What is it?


Dartitis is a condition which affects darts players ability to throw darts, sometimes severly. This may result in a drop in performance or in some cases may leave the player so frustrated that they may give up pplaying darts altogether.


While many people outside the game of darts have never heard of dartitis it does affect many thousands of dart players throughout the world.


In an interview with Lee Honeyball of the Observer, former world champion Eric Bristow is quoted as saying this about his period of dartitis:

"I brought my dart back, got halfway through throwing it and could not let go. I don't know how I got it, or how I got rid of it, but I had it for about 10 years."


In my experience Dartitis is most often caused by a form of worry or anxiety about the game that is then ‘converted’ to a muscle movement or spasm (psychologists may refer to this phenomenon as "conversion disorder"). Interestingly it appears that this issue only affects good players; those who are passionate about their darts.

It may be that the player has difficulty in releasing the dart perhaps even to the extent where a darts player might consider that “it is almost like the dart is glued to my hand”.  Another comment I have heard from darts players is “it seems like I have a stutter in my hand”. There are other symptoms associated with Dartitis because each darts player will have their own unique form of of the problem.

In a very few cases there may be a physical cause of Dartitis such as injury or a problem with messages getting through the nervous system.  If you suspect this may be the cause of your Dartitis you should consult with your GP before trying Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy.

Dartitis: How can Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy really help?

Using Mindful Hypnosis and deep Hypnotherapy techniques I can help you to deal effectively with any psychological blocks that may be at the root of your Dartitis. 


By teaching relaxation techniques and by helping you to be consistently confident in using your skills I can help you to be more comfortable in competition and confident of letting your darts fly to their intended target.

Read my published artice: 
"Dartitis, Yips and Writer’s Block"

Thanks to my friend and colleague Chris Gelder for assistance in composing some aspects of this page.

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